Tobacco companies kill their best customers

Loyality is a funny old thing, from buying your favourite brand of tea, your favourite brand of underwear… But what about continually buying your favourite brand of cigarettes?

Loyality often goes hand in hand with reward, for your coffee its about the smell, taste and enjoying that good start to the day, for you underwear well that’s personal and not something I would ever want to get in to….

But lets think about your cigarettes? Loyalty? What is that actually getting you? Reward? Can say with certainty that isn’t a fair return, how about their loyalty to you? The money they make from you? And lets be clear on that it is a huge amount of money. I don’t need to tell you how much your spending, although I know from past experience we put it to one side and it’s a few quid here and a few quid there, nothing really too expensive, or not what we would ever admit to, definitely not!, its an addiction right? And we can make all the excuses in the world for that…

Smoking has no advantages, there are no benefits… health wealth or happiness? Nope… the only benefits are the ones that you give to the big old tobacco companies every time you find that so called little bit of money each time you go to buy your preferred brand of cigarettes, so they can continue to walk you along that path to finish line…. Gotta love em.