Why choose Want 2 Quit Smoking?

Want 2 quit smoking? We have the fast, effective, nicotine-free, cravings-free stop smoking treatment that really works.

WE can help give you that smoking-free, healthier, wealthier life you want. Just let us show you how.

All the studies say that you are at least four times more likely to quit smoking for good with professional support. We at Want 2 Quit Smoking? know that if you closely follow our technique you will succeed.

Why are we so sure? Because it worked for us.

Karen Hopper is an experienced bioresonance practitioner that has worked with drug and alcohol addictions, anxiety, stress, and also weight management. Karen was a smoker herself for 22 years. In 2010 she developed a smoking cessation treatment, which after a year of experimentation and trials, successfully stopped both herself and her partner smoking. From that point forward, she’s been helping people throughout the UK free themselves from nicotine addiction.

We have a simple and ethical philosophy at want 2 quit smoking – To help as many people as possible.

“From the initial call it’s important the clients know that I am there for them. My work is from that point forward, until after the treatment or as long as someone needs me. To help someone finally be free of nicotine is so rewarding. Its why I love my work and will continue to help as many people as possible.”

So forget NRT patches, electronic cigarettes, Champix and all the other stress-filled, toxin-inducing methods to stop that we have all tried. Instead just relax, and let Want 2 Quit Smoking come to you and begin your smoking-free future.

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“It’s over three years since I had my treatment from want 2 Quit Smoking?. I have not had or craved a cigarette since. This is a fantastic treatment and really professional service with great therapists. This is the only method that has worked for me and I know that I will never crave or smoke a cigarette again.”

Caroline SeversDurham

“I was a smoker for about 20 years. After trying all the known “cures” (patches, gum and sprays) I had resigned myself to smoking for the rest of my life. After being told about the treatment I was willing to give it ago. After the treatment, I left with two cigarettes in my box, put them in the bin and never smoked again”.

Tennille BassilleAberdeen

“Thanks very much for what you done for me, still off the smoke and feel a lot better for it. Thanks to you, not sure what more I can say but you are the best.”

Alan CairnsSouth Shields

“Hello! Doing well, still not smoking and have no intention of doing so!”

Alison PageSunderland

“I’m still surprised by it all and how I feel… It works. Not touched a fag since I saw you. Thank you!”

James ForemanMontrose

“It’s brilliant! Thank you for giving me my life back to spend with my two beautiful daughters!”

Mark ThorntonDurham

“Just a little note, I think it’s just around a full year that you helped me to stop smoking and I can’t thank you enough. Not once have I fell off the wagon and I feel now as if I’ve never smoked ha! Anyway thanks.”

Johnny RichardsonNewcastle