Bioresonance quit smoking treatment

Want 2 quit smoking? Try our highly effective, bioresonance quit smoking treatment for a craving-free, nicotine-free solution.

Welcome to your future. It is a future where you are free, at last, from addiction to smoking. All you have to do is let us help you.

With Want 2 Quit Smoking?, you can forget NRT patches, electronic cigarettes, gum and all the other treatments that actually leave your body filled with nicotine, toxins and have a mixed success record.

The Benefits:


No patches, no gum, no electronic cigarettes.


Stimulates the body to detoxify and returns it to its pre-addiction state.


Cancels out your body’s ‘memory’ of nicotine.


Highly effective, pain-free, natural and non-invasive.

You will be in the hands of passionate, qualified practitioners of bioresonance therapy, an effective, nicotine-free, cravings-free treatment.

Bioresonance is a non-invasive therapy originally developed in Germany and Eastern Europe.  It’s based on the latest developments in quantum medicine. We use this technology with the most advanced equipment on the market to eliminate the active nicotine within our clients body.

Clients need to call at least one week before treatment for an initial consultation. If we are confident we can help, a date will be set and a welcome pack will be sent out.

On the day of the treatment, electrodes are placed onto the client’s wrists and ankles, which are connected to our bioresonance machine.   Over a 2 hour period the treatment stimulates the body to return to its natural state before the addiction, it leaves you cleansed with more energy, and most importantly free from your addiction to nicotine.

“Many people feel a little confused after the treatment, it’s the realisation that their body has changed, but they don’t quite understand how it’s happened!  That always makes me smile and I can leave, knowing the treatment has been a success”

Karen Hopper, Owner and Practitioner.

So relax and dream of that future you: you’re fitter, you can taste food again, your clothes are free of that cigarette smell, you’re healthier and you’re wealthier…all you have to do is get in touch for our Bioresonance quit smoking treatment.

Your future starts here and we’re waiting.

Call us on 0845 5197240 for your free consultation.

• Free consultation

• Welcome pack with full instructions

• Free callout within a 100 mile radius of Newcastle upon Tyne 

• A minimum of 2 hours bioresonance therapy tailored to you

• Practical advice during the treatment 

• 24/7 aftercare

“It’s over three years since I had my treatment from Want 2 Quit Smoking?. I have not had or craved a cigarette since. This is a fantastic treatment and really professional service with great therapists. This is the only method that has worked for me and I know that I will never crave or smoke a cigarette again.”

Caroline SeversDurham

“I was a smoker for about 20 years. After trying all the known “cures” (patches, gum and sprays) I had resigned myself to smoking for the rest of my life. After being told about the treatment I was willing to give it ago. After the treatment, I left with two cigarettes in my box, put them in the bin and never smoked again”.

Tennille BassilleAberdeen

“Thanks very much for what you done for me, still off the smoke and feel a lot better for it. Thanks to you, not sure what more I can say but you are the best.”

Alan CairnsSouth Shields

“Hello! Doing well, still not smoking and have no intention of doing so!”

Alison PageSunderland

“I’m still surprised by it all and how I feel… It works. Not touched a fag since I saw you. Thank you!”

James ForemanMontrose

“It’s brilliant! Thank you for giving me my life back to spend with my two beautiful daughters!”

Mark ThorntonDurham

“Just a little note, I think it’s just around a full year that you helped me to stop smoking and I can’t thank you enough. Not once have I fell off the wagon and I feel now as if I’ve never smoked ha! Anyway thanks.”

Johnny RichardsonNewcastle